Why men don’t lead

Ten reasons men don’t lead at home and in the church (in no particular order):

1. They haven’t digested God’s mission for His kingdom people, or thought through a plan for accomplishing it; and so they can’t guide would-be followers toward definite objectives.

2. They are great at dreaming and terrible at executing; they haven’t counted the cost of a long obedience in the same direction.

3. They haven’t stopped to take prayerful inventory of their lives in at least a year, if ever.

4. They are preoccupied with the pleasures of youth, or with a personal success program.

5. They are more relationally insecure than they want anyone to know; and when people aren’t eager to follow, they aren’t eager to lead.

6. They have a longstanding habit of making “soft choices” (the easier of two options).

7. They have not developed communication and listening skills, and have no serious intention of doing so.

8. They feel ill equipped intellectually and/or educationally, and stop at this feeling.

9. They feel morally compromised and unable to call others to a standard higher than what they have attained.

10. They have never seen a role model of a good leader, and have no plan for locating one.

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