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Sixth Sunday after Trinity

July 31st, 2011 — 7:00am

“God, which hast prepared to them that love thee such good things as pass all man’s understanding; Pour into our hearts such love toward thee, that we loving thee in all things, may obtain thy promises, which exceed all that we can desire; through Christ our Lord.”

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Fifth Sunday after Trinity

July 24th, 2011 — 10:14pm

“Grant Lord, we beseech thee, that the course of this world may be so peaceably ordered by thy governance, that thy congregation may joyfully serve thee in all godly quietness; through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

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Pursuit of happiness

July 19th, 2011 — 9:14am

“Happiness is . . . a word with multiple meanings. The question ‘What is true happiness?’ can only be finally answered on the basis of the answer to another question: What is the chief end of man? But the age of reason had banished teleology from its way of understanding the world, and so ‘happiness’ had no definition except what each autonomous individual might give it. Each individual has the right not only to pursue happiness but to define it as he wishes. Moreover, there is a further element of pathos in this idea of the right to the pursuit of happiness. Medieval people believed with great seriousness that final happiness lay on the other side of death. They did not expect it in its fullness on this earth. But the methods of modern science provide no grounds for belief that there is anything beyond death. Hence, the whole freight of human happiness has to be carried in the few short and uncertain years that are allowed to us before death ends it all. The quest for happiness becomes that much more hectic, more fraught with anxiety than it was to the people of the Middle Ages.” (Lesslie Newbigin, Foolishness to the Greeks: The Gospel and Western Culture, pp. 26–27)

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Fourth Sunday after Trinity

July 17th, 2011 — 7:00am

“God the protector of all that trust in thee, without whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy; increase and multiply upon us thy mercy; that thou being our ruler and guide, we may so pass through things temporal, that we finally lose not the things eternal: Grant this heavenly father, for Jesus Christ’s sake our Lord.”

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Third Sunday after Trinity

July 10th, 2011 — 7:00am

“Lord, we beseech thee mercifully to hear us, and unto whom thou hast given a hearty desire to pray; grant that by thy mighty aid we may be defended; through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

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Second Sunday after Trinity

July 3rd, 2011 — 7:00am

“Lord, make us to have a perpetual fear and love of thy holy name: for thou never failest to help and govern them whom thou dost bring up in thy steadfast love. Grant this, &c.”

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