Foolishness of the cross

“From a pagan perspective the cross is a sacrifice in the ‘proper’ sense: destruction of the agent of social instability in the interests of social order, and the surrender of the particular to the universal; but the shape of Christ’s life, its constant motion of love, forgiveness, and righteous judgment, seems (from this same perspective) no sacrifice at all, but merely an uneconomizable force of disorder, an inversion of rank and judicious measure. The God who proceeds as he will, who crosses boundaries and respects no order – law, commerce, empire, class, nations, dominions, markets, death – except the order of love (the only infinite order), is a Word that disrupts the narratives that sustain the world as a reserve, a controlled expenditure, and a recuperation of power. It is expedient that such a Word be silenced, lest the nation perish.” (David Bentley Hart, The Beauty of the Infinite, p. 353)

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