Like the hands of God

“Let us help ourselves and use those whom it pleases God to give us, but let us realise that they are testimonies and pledges of God’s goodness and of the paternal care that he has for us, and that we must always look above them. So when we have people who, we recognise, are helpful to us, let us be aware that they are like the hands of God, so that we will definitely sense that he wants to be our Father. Then when he removes from us what he has given us, this attitude will cause us always to look to him. So let us learn also to be so grounded on a good conscience that we will expect nothing except from the good will of God. So when we live on this basis, even when we become very weak again, when we are all but dead, there will certainly always be something to revive us.” (John Calvin, Sermons on 2 Samuel, translated by Douglas Kelly)

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