Stumped by a four-year-old

One of the things I love about being a parent is that you never know what’s coming. Never. Today I’m drying my four-year-old’s hair after his bath. Nothing profound going on in my head. The same couldn’t be said for him.

“Dad, I can’t wait to go and see Jesus.”

“We’ll see Him, son, very soon.”

“But He doesn’t have a body like men.”

“Oh, yes, Jesus has a body, son. He kept His body after God raised Him from the dead.” [Hanging up the towel, wondering where this is going.]

“Then He’s not God?”

“Yes, He’s God, He’s the second Person of the Godhead, but He kept His body when He sat down at the right hand of the Father.”

“Then we serve two Gods?”

“Well, no, son, we serve one God in three Persons. The second Person, the Son, took a body, and He still has it. As God He doesn’t have a body like men, but as the God-Man He has a body.”

“So Jesus is God, and He has a body, but God doesn’t have a body.”

“Something like that . . . .”

“People are gonna get messed up, Dad. They’re gonna think we serve two Gods.”


“Good questions, son. I’ll have to think about this some more.”

[Four-year-old exits bathroom to go play. Dad reflects that it was not his finest theological hour.]

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